Essentially Being Creative

I can’t tell you how many times people have told me they “don’t have a creative bone in their body”.


 I believe everyone is creative. Creation is part of our nature. Creativity is such a beautiful thing. It needs to be expressed or it constipates the soul. But many people misunderstand what being creative is.

 Creativity is articulated by humans in more ways than can be defined in this journal entry. When you participate in something that gives you joy then you are likely expressing your creative spirit, whether it is solving a math problem, raising beautiful, happy children, volunteering at the food bank, playing your old guitar, digging in your garden, helping people or animals in need, crafting, joining a community theater group, walking in the woods, singing in church, visiting (and laughing with) a friend, or learning something new on the world wide web. It is having fun with food, learning to crochet, building a car from scratch, making a wooden rocking horse, laying a stone path in your back yard, or starting a compost pile. It can be as simple as dreaming of what you want to be, and as important as becoming that person. It is learning a new trade, taking a course at the community college, dancing in your living room to your favorite music, or simply crafting and achieving meaningful goals.

 You do not have to be an artist or musician, actor or writer, scientist or inventor to express creativity. And, truly it is more about trying than the actual result. How will you ever know if you don’t try?

 Whatever you feel passionate about, do it. If you don’t think you feel passionate about anything, then it is time to start removing the blocks that are keeping your creative spirit from being expressed. If you are not happy then find out what is making you un-happy and simply remove it from your equation. Nothing in your world whether you believe it to be another person, your environment, your job, your real or imagined dis-ability, or poor health, is the true root of your un-happiness. Choose to be at least content and your spirit will begin to stretch and yawn and wake up. Choose to be happy and it will fly.

 Expressing your creative spirit is a bit like falling in love. It gives you that warm, fluffy feeling that stokes the life-fire in you. There is nothing to keep you from it. It is a part of you. Let it out.

 If you look, you will find it.


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