Essentially Being Creative

I can’t tell you how many times people have told me they “don’t have a creative bone in their body”.


 I believe everyone is creative. Creation is part of our nature. Creativity is such a beautiful thing. It needs to be expressed or it constipates the soul. But many people misunderstand what being creative is.

 Creativity is articulated by humans in more ways than can be defined in this journal entry. When you participate in something that gives you joy then you are likely expressing your creative spirit, whether it is solving a math problem, raising beautiful, happy children, volunteering at the food bank, playing your old guitar, digging in your garden, helping people or animals in need, crafting, joining a community theater group, walking in the woods, singing in church, visiting (and laughing with) a friend, or learning something new on the world wide web. It is having fun with food, learning to crochet, building a car from scratch, making a wooden rocking horse, laying a stone path in your back yard, or starting a compost pile. It can be as simple as dreaming of what you want to be, and as important as becoming that person. It is learning a new trade, taking a course at the community college, dancing in your living room to your favorite music, or simply crafting and achieving meaningful goals.

 You do not have to be an artist or musician, actor or writer, scientist or inventor to express creativity. And, truly it is more about trying than the actual result. How will you ever know if you don’t try?

 Whatever you feel passionate about, do it. If you don’t think you feel passionate about anything, then it is time to start removing the blocks that are keeping your creative spirit from being expressed. If you are not happy then find out what is making you un-happy and simply remove it from your equation. Nothing in your world whether you believe it to be another person, your environment, your job, your real or imagined dis-ability, or poor health, is the true root of your un-happiness. Choose to be at least content and your spirit will begin to stretch and yawn and wake up. Choose to be happy and it will fly.

 Expressing your creative spirit is a bit like falling in love. It gives you that warm, fluffy feeling that stokes the life-fire in you. There is nothing to keep you from it. It is a part of you. Let it out.

 If you look, you will find it.


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Starting Over

I began this web-log on another site in January of 2011, but decided (for various reasons which I won’t go into right now) to switch to Word Press. I will be entering all the posts from the other blog to this one within the next few weeks.

This web journal has several intentions:

 1. To express my awe of the innate beauty in nature and how it has inspired me throughout my life.

2. To share the ways in which that inspiration has evolved, not only as an art form, but as a keystone that anchors me in this life.

3. And, most importantly, to help those who believe they have no creative spirit unlock the expression of that aspect of their soul, and recognize that it has been there for them to access all along.

 Creative expression has been dotted throughout my family as far back as I’ve been able to research (without delving into the National Archives), and has been articulated in many ways. There have been physicians, botanists, scientists, and pure artists. Some combined all in that list, as one great grandfather who was a physician, but who also wrote a book on the unique relationship of plants and animals (mostly insects) and illustrated the entire book from observations he made in the field. Don’t see that much these days.

 The native artistic gene is rampant in our family and includes not only grandparents back a few generations but both my parents, a nephew, two of my brothers, and my son (who has talent in art and music). Despite being born into this clan, the expression of art per se has never been quite as easy for me as it has been for many in our family. I have always had to work at it, and still do not consider myself an artist in the traditional sense. However the thing I have in common with these “natural” artists is a need to express my creative spirit, which bursts the seams of my soul.

 Understand that I believe the need to be creative is not unique to me, or my family, or anyone in particular that seems to have a talent for art…or music…or writing. Everyone – that means everyone – has a desire to create. It’s in our genes. It is part of being human. However, somehow the need to express that desire has become synonymous with frivolity in the day-to-day grind of making a living, taking care of a family, and lately simply surviving. The idea has been submerged so much that people are not even aware of when they are letting it leak out. (grin)

 In the coming months I want to share my concern that the decline of creative expression has been slowly unraveling the weave of our existence. But also my belief that if we reconnect with that vital instinct, the anger, negativity, resentment, and the overall unhappiness that has pervaded our current culture will evaporate. Creating makes you at least content, and at best joyful. It balances the scale of burden we take on ourselves, relieving some of the overpowering weight, so that life doesn’t feel so…, well, heavy.

 Join me in finding (or rediscovering) that joy for yourself. My prayer is that in sharing my love of creativity, your doorway to expression and inspiration will open for you. If you are already there, share it with others. If you do not believe yourself to be creative then follow me. I will help you find the ember that has been waiting for you to ignite.

 My next entry will be a discussion of what creativity looks like. Sometimes those who lament a lack of it will soon realize it has always been there.

 Till next time, wishing you a peaceful passage.


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